Social media is a key pillar in most marketing strategies. Add personality and depth to your business by engaging with customers, creating stronger relationships and increasing their propensity to buy.

Don't neglect your social feeds because you lack the time or the skills. I can create the content, schedule the release, reply to customers or take it to the next level, advertising to existing and new markets. 

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are my prefered business social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

I can help you create a roadmap for the style and content of your social media activity. On brand and on target.

This way you can compare what you're posting to your roadmap and make sure you're keeping things on strategy and consistent.

Social Media Management

If you're too busy or unable to manage your business social media pages, I can take them on so you can focus on more important things.

We agree on the strategy, the type and the number of posts per week/month. I handle the rest.

Paid Social

It has become increasingly hard to get cut through and reach using organic (ie free) social media.

I can run an ongoing paid ads to get results (eg website visitors, social media followers, enquiries).

We can target the audience by location and/or preferences to get you in front of the most valuable audience.

Social Campaigns

If you have something you want to sell directly to customers, we can do that through a paid social campaign.

A number of tailored adverts, an audience built from those people most likely to want the product and a specific landing page created to close the sale.