I bring a range of skillsets learnt on the coalface of sales and marketing over the last 20+ years. Marketing budgets are always tight, so my style of marketing is outcomes focused, prioritising return on investment and goal attainment.

Tap into the skillsets that would benefit your business:


Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy lays out what your marketing goals are, your desired market position, your target customers, your competitive advantage and what key messages you need to communicate to win customers. It is entirely based on helping you achieve your overall business goals.

Marketing Plan

This a roadmap detailing what activities you are going to undertake to achieve your goals. What messages, where they'll be put and when to release them. It will include a budget and SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound).

Digital Assets

For most marketing activities there needs to be quality photos and videos. Specially taken to highlight your businesses abilities and assets. 20 years of photography and now videography mean that I can create 99% of marketing digital assets in house.

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Content marketing

This is a powerful way to gain exposure and industry thought leadership. Add value by sharing your knowledge through guides and tools on your website and socials. As a thought leader, not only do you gain a lot more traffic to your sites but you position yourself as the clear expert choice for customers.

Social Media

Socail media platforms are a core part of modern marketing to build deeper relationships with existing and potential customers. Using organic (ie free) and paid social, I can help you find new potential customers and speed up their transition to active customers.

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Email Marketing

Maintaining and using an email list for marketing continues to offer one of the largest returns on investment amongst all digital marketing. I can set you up from scratch or help level up activity with your existing list.

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Selling online can be a strong margin driver, a way of opening up a new customer segment and brand building to a wider audience. From systems set up, pricing, promotion and fullfillment, along with integrating with bricks and motar, I can help you expand this revenue stream.


I like to ask the question 'how would a customer describe your business or product to a friend?' Their description is how they perceive your brand. Your brand is a mix of your messages, images, products, people and history. I can help you refine your brand and its messaging so that the answer to that question is what you have planned it to be.

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brand development

Creating a brand from scratch is more than label or packaging design. It starts with the target customer and how you can best satisfy their needs, ending with a solid brief for a label design. I have created dozens of brands targeting specific market needs, many of which continue to sit on retailer shelves around the world.

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