Email marketing continues to provide an excellent medium to engage and inform your customer base. You can take email marketing to the next level using automation and social media. I have used Mail Chimp for most of my email marketing over the last 10 years.

Set up

If you haven't yet started email marketing then I can help you lay the foundations to this ongoing activity. There are so many different uses on top of direct sales.


Inform exisiting customers of new products or educate them to use your product more effectively.

Provide ongoing industry thought leadership to both your current customers and prospects.


By segmenting your email list based on recipient activity, you can better service their needs.

Serve up a tailored email to the audience who bought item A, a different email to item B buyers and a completely different set of emails to those who are yet to buy.

Connect Social

Running integrated marketing communications means that all the tools you use are operating from the same playbook.

You can use email to generate more social media activity (and visa versa).

Better yet are the 'remarketing' tools available, enabling you to advertise direct on your email recipient's social media feeds!


Email marketing automation has a multiplier effect if done correctly.

Set up automatic emails to go out after specific customer activities.


Eg if a customer buys from you on day 1, you can automatically send them a thank you email on day 2 and follow ups on days 7 and 21.  If they read either of those, they'll receive another on day 42, but if they didn't open them, they'd receive a different email on day 28...