Captain Hayes

Wines for Enjoyment

Sometimes wine is a simple experience enhancer that helps make good times just that little bit better.

That's what we make Captain Hayes wines for.

Yes, they're hand crafted wines from carefully manicured grapes located in some of the best wine regions in Australia... but who cares?

Let Captain Hayes wines be the muse to a good conversation, where do your family come from? What secrets do your ancestors keep?

Who Was Captain Hayes?

Since you asked, Captain William Henry Hayes was born in England in 1858, emigrating to South Australia as a child.

Aged 7 he joined South Australia's Moonta Mine Company as a 'picky boy' sorting the ore. By 21 he was Mine Captain before later become Chief Executive of the whole company.

As a lay preacher and absolute teetotaller he certainly wasn't the life of the party, but the Hayes family are extremely proud of him and the legacy he has left.

We've dedicated these wines to old Captain Hayes and invite you to toast your family history.