One of my favourite areas of marketing is branding.
Whether tweaking a brand to better speak to the target audience or creating a new brand to enter a new marketing, the process requires research, consumer understanding and plenty of creativity.

brand refresh

Does your brand need a bit of a tweak to stand out from the competition?

Are you communicating your key competitive advantages clearly?

Working together, we can update your brand so that it is more relevant and memorable to your target customers.

Often this simply involves nailing down what sets your business apart from competitors and communicating that more clearly through words and images.

brand creation

Creating a new brand requires an understanding of your customers, their needs, what sets you apart and your personality. Then translating all of that into a package that communicates clear messages to the right people in the right way.

I have created many brands from scratch (mainly wine brands). Each was designed to satisfy specific consumer needs/usage occasions. See some examples below.

Brand creation is different to logo or packaging design. The design is simply the final step of the process

Sub brands

A great way to release a new type of product, perhaps at a different price point, or enter a new market, is to use a sub brand.

This brand takes its cues from its parent but has its own personality and can solve the problems of a completely different customer segment. For example GMail, Google Maps and Android are all sub brands of Google.

If you are looking to expand your offering then a sub brand could be the ideal way to do so without stepping on the toes of your exisiting range.