Bull & Bull - Wine Made Easy

Fine Wine Supply Made Easy

Bull & Bull makes it easy to source luxury Australian wine, whether under a winery brand, your own brand or as bulk wine.


As brand ambassadors for a small portfolio of Barossa Valley and Mclaren Vale wineries, Bull & Bull supplies wines with heritage and provenance.


Through these wineries we manage Barossa Valley own label (OEM) programs, giving you discrete access to luxury quality wine and bottling it under your brands.


We have a diverse supply of Barossa Valley and Mclaren Vale bulk wine to suit any flavour profile and premium price point.

Brand Ambassador

Bull & Bull is a brand ambassador for highly awarded wineries in the Barossa Valley and Mclaren Vale.


These James Halliday rated 4 and 5 star wineries own their own vineyards, have a diverse portfolio of wines and are regarded as producing some of Australia's best wine.


We work with these winemakers to build their brand in export markets, selecting the right partners to work with for the long term.


Our customers buy direct from each winery, can consolidate mixed orders across our brands and enjoy an easy export experience. An easy supply of luxury Australian wine.




Bull & Bull - Wine Made Easy
Bull & Bull - Wine Made Easy

OEM and Bulk Wine Supply

As specialists in super premium OEM / own label wines supply, we help our global clients bring luxury Australian wine to market in stunning packaging.


We offer wine from the Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra and South Australia as OEM and bulk wine.


Our quality levels range from premium all the way through to icon quality single vineyard Barossa Valley. These wines are hand made by award winning winemakers


As experts we make wine supply easy for our clients, managing the full process from tank to ship.


Contact us to discover how we can help you with your wine needs.

Our Export Wineries



Barossa Valley


Mclaren Vale

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Barossa Valley

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South Australia

Wine by Bull & Bull

Barossa Valley

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Mclaren Vale

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Barossa Valley

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Barossa Valley

Wine by Curator  


Peter Bisley - UK

Rob has a deep understanding of the UK wine retail market, has skillfully managed high volume wine programs and created brands of excellence which add value throughout the supply chain

Sales Director / Broadland Wineries

Alex Bakker - Canada

Rob is a highly skilled and incredibly innovative brand developer. We successfully launched several brands to the Canadian market together. He is an extremely talented marketer and experienced global exporter. I enjoyed working with Rob very much and always looked forward to his new creative ideas and enthusiasm.

General Manager / The Bacchus Group

Mal Williams - Australia

I'd recommend Rob as a business partner to anyone in the wine industry who values experience, outcomes, integrity, hard work and a global view of the wine trade. He understands what consumers want, provides solutions, adds value and does all of this with good humour.

David Yang - China

Rob's drive, respect and knowledge helped grow our Australian wine sales into the Hong Kong and Chinese markets. He has a strong understanding of the different Chinese market channels and travelled extensively with our sales team.

Sales Director / Summergate Wines

Our Wine Regions

Barossa Valley

Barossa Vineyard - Bull & Bull - Luxury Australian Wine

A 45 minute drive north from the Bull & Bull office is the beautiful Barossa Valley, home to many of Australia’s most renowned wineries and famous for full bodied red wines, especially its signature variety, Shiraz.

Bull & Bull works with wineries who have long histories in the Barossa Valley, including some with vineyards that are over 100 years old.

Mclaren Vale

Mclaren Vale Vineyard - Bull & Bull - Luxury Australian Wine

A quick 30 minute drive south from the Bull & Bull office is the Mclaren Vale, a beautiful region with the crystal blue sea to the west and the gentle slopes of the Adelaide Hills to the north and east.

This super premium wine region has produced many of Australia’s greatest wines and is embracing cutting edge viticulture practices to increase sustainability and wine quality.